The Cellar Book


About Us

Knowing which wines are important takes years of experience; then, finding, evaluating, and acquiring the best & rarest wines is still difficult and time consuming.

We created The Cellar Book to help the wine collector navigate the world of fine wine. We help you find the best wines in the world at the best prices, so you can focus on drinking great wine, not studying regions, producers, and vintages, or flipping through inventory lists and auction catalogues.

Henri Cartier Bresson's Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1954Our philosophy on wine is simple: we want to drink the best wines in the world. We recommend a wine to buy when it satisfies one of the following conditions:

We’re able to find these wines both publicly and privately, at retail and auction, through manual curation with the aid of software we built in–house.


Our Team

Chad Zeigler

Chad Zeigler — After electing to forego a career in aviation at the age of 18, Zeigler developed a passion for the beverage industry, when he began behind the bar of a popular local restaurant. Soon after, he found himself commanding his hometown’s high–end wine shop, offering tastings and recommendations to anyone interested. As soon as he was legally able, Zeigler enrolled himself in the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Introductory Exam. After successfully passing the Court’s Certified Exam, Zeigler obtained the sought–after position of an intern at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in Napa Valley. His dedication was obvious to the team, where he quickly found himself promoted to be a permanent part of the sommelier team.

Zeigler went on to become a crucial asset to the wine team at Los Angeles–based Gordon Ramsay, a Michelin star restaurant with an award–winning wine list. In 2009, at the age of 24, he received the Advanced Sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. He later spent 5 years managing the wine program at RN74, a highly regarded restaurant with a James Beard Award–winning wine list.

In 2013 Zeigler was recognized by Zagat for their “30 Under 30” award as well as “Best New Sommelier” from Wine & Spirits Magazine. Today, he provides consultation for private collectors, and spends time traveling to the world’s many wine regions.


Christopher Golda

Christopher Golda — From a very young age, Golda had the opportunity to travel to some of the best wineries throughout France, Italy, and Germany with his father, an avid collector. His knowledge of wine is rooted in his experiences then, picking apricots off trees in Hermitage, or stopping to meet cows on the road to visit Egon Müller. Later in life, a particular wine turned his interest in wine into an obsession: a single bottle of 1989 Domaine A. Rousseau Chambertin. It drove him to learn everything about Burgundy, and he began drinking and collecting the best wines in the world.

Before The Cellar Book, Golda was a technology entrepreneur, and sold his last company, BackType, to Twitter in 2011 where he became responsible for all reporting and analytics for advertising. He also helped open source, Storm, a distributed realtime computation system developed at BackType. Storm was declared a Top–Level Project by the Apache Software Foundation in 2014, and it’s now used by companies like Alibaba, Apple, Samsung, and Uber.

Today, Golda invests in early–stage startups, and serves as an advisor for Y Combinator’s Startup School. In 2007, he received a BASc in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto.